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Friday, 2 August 2013

Bit of a downer today..

Today I'm on a downer. I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years last night. We had a huge argument and he ended up calling his parents who drove up to Leeds to get him and take him home. We had a weekend away booked in London for next weekend so today I've had to call the company up and request a refund. It was paid on his card though so I've had to contact him to sort out a transfer to my account for my half of the money. We also had tickets to see Jimmy Carr in October so I've sold those today and need to give him his half of that. Then I had a job interview for a pub / restaurant in the city centre. So can safely say today has been a lot of stress!

I've tried not to stress-eat but I've made some more Ferrero Rocher earlier so I need to be in control and not eat them all in one go! I couldn't stomach my breakfast this morning, had a tiny dinner and that's it. I can never eat when I'm upset. But I know it's no good moping around.

So I had my job interview earlier and I've been invited to do a trial shift on Sunday. I'm nervous because I haven't worked behind a bar since this time last year! I need to buy some black trousers for it so it will be interesting to see if I can buy a smaller size yet (I've lost 17.5lbs). I can't wait to be able to shop where I want again. It's so depressing buying all your clothes from the same shops! Asda, Matalan, Evans, New Look Inspire section.. I have never bought clothes from Topshop!

Anyway, going to see if my Ferrero Rocher is refrigerated enough yet. Be back soon guys.


  1. Sending hugs, well done on resisting comfort eating so far x

  2. Thank you! Definitely needing hugs today! Xxx

  3. Oh what a lousy day :( Hope things pick up for you soon x