Hi, I'm Abbey. I'm 21 and a student living in Leeds. I'm following the Slimming World diet and so far have lost 1 and a half stone since May! I'm using this blog to post recipes I enjoy, my weight losses, and my thoughts on dieting and all things student-y! If you can relate to this blog in any way, feel free to comment and follow :) The more the merrier! Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Weigh in day

This morning I woke up and made myself a HUGE Slimming World fry up, ate every last piece, then remembered today was weigh in day.. Oops! Usually on weigh in day I'll have something small for breakfast like fruit and yogurt, but I totally forgot! 

Anyway, I didn't eat anything else until after weigh in. At 5PM me and my mum walked down to the club to check the damage.. And I was 2lbs lighter!! Was super happy! But can't help feeling like I would have lost more had I not had such a large breakfast haha. My mum lost 3lbs so she was happy too :)

When we came back home I made me and my dad some pasta loaded up with passata, courgettes, peppers, mushrooms and chicken. I enjoyed it but my dad said it wasn't spicy enough for him (he likes spicy foods!). For dessert I've just had a vanilla muller light with some Options hot chocolate mixed in (2 syns). Beautiful! 

I keep forgetting to take photos of my meals so next time I WILL remember to post photos! Good luck to everyone else at weigh in this week! :)

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