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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Weigh day again!

So I haven't blogged in quite a few days. If I'm totally honest, I've been putting it off! I've had a couple of days this past week where I've not really stuck to plan and gone over my syn allowance..

On Friday I ate the whole Scan Bran cake and was so full I didn't really eat any free or superfree foods.. and on Saturday I ate the whole of what was left of the Fererro Rochers.. and on Sunday I didn't do Slimming World at all! I volunteered at another charity gala and didn't take a packed lunch so ended up with a cheeseburger and a slush! When I got home I stuffed my face with crisps and Freddos and chocolate biscuits.

So basically, I have been dreading Weigh In this week.. however..

I've lost 2lbs!! It must have been all that Scan Bran ;) haha. I do think that I will put something on next week though, it will probably catch up with me then!

I've been really good today. I've had Weetabix with banana and blueberry, a muller light, and McCain jacket potatoes with baked beans! The McCain spuds are gorgeous, only 1 syn each! I had 2 :P

(not my image)

I'm off to a pub quiz tonight. All my friends get chip butties there because theyre only £1 while the quiz is on so I'm going to have to fill up on superfree foods before I go! And drink plenty of Diet Coke to keep me full haha. Fingers crossed we win!! We never do :( haha..

Ooh also, all my clothes are size 22/24 with the exception of a few 18s and 20s. My boyfriend is having a fancy dress party for his birthday, and he's going as Perseus from Clash of the Titans.. so we decided that I will go as a  greek goddess type thing.. I ordered an outfit from the internet size 22/24 as fancy dress is usually tight fitting. It arrived yesterday and lo and behold it is farrrrrr too big!! Quite pleased. My sister is going to alter it slightly but I'm going to keep it because their dresses are usually quite baggy anyway. But thought I'd share that with you as I'm really pleased!

I've now lost 18lbs, getting closer to target every time!

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