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Friday, 19 July 2013

This week has been a struggle

I've had my boyfriend over for the last few days. We went shopping to Poundstretcher, Aldi and Asda to do some food shopping (they are all on one complex near enough). Found two great deals that I just needed to share!

Space Raiders (3.5 syns): Poundstretcher 89p 10 bags
Marshmallow fluff (1 syn per tbsp): Aldi 79p


My boyfriend bought loads of sweets and crisps and biscuits. Over the last few days all he's done is munch on naughty foods and I've tried hard not to be tempted. The Marshmallow Fluff is gorgeous, and I've enjoyed just licking a spoon of it whenever I've had a craving. But I've had my full 15 syns almost every day now.

Oh, after Weigh In I was really naughty, as me and my boyfriend ordered from Pizza Hut. It wasn't even nice but I ate half of a BBQ chicken pizza, some cheesy garlic bread and some chicken strips. So I think this week I might have put on!

I got weighed earlier also (I know, bad Abbey!) and saw I'd gained 3lbs!! So now I need to be SUPER good and eat loads of superfree food. But I guess everyone has a slip!

Fingers crossed I pull off some sort of miracle! Good luck to everyone else this week, hope you've done better than I have!!

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