Hi, I'm Abbey. I'm 21 and a student living in Leeds. I'm following the Slimming World diet and so far have lost 1 and a half stone since May! I'm using this blog to post recipes I enjoy, my weight losses, and my thoughts on dieting and all things student-y! If you can relate to this blog in any way, feel free to comment and follow :) The more the merrier! Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


So as I mentioned before, my boyfriend had a party for his birthday at the weekend and I (stupidly) decided to go crazy. I ended up stuffing my face with a burger, birthday cake, sausage rolls and drinking vodka. As I should have guessed, got weighed today and I've gained 3lbs! I'm now 3.5lbs from my 1 1/2 stone award! Gutting! But I have to show you the cake I bought him! How could anyone resist some of this gorgeousness!!??


Caught red handed digging into a cheeseburger!

Anyway, today I've been really good and decided to have a Green day. So far I've had Weetabix x2 with banana and blueberries and milk, Heinz spaghetti with mushrooms, and some Diet Coke Quorn Mince (a first for me as I usually make Diet Coke Chicken!). Oh and a Muller Light.

I'm off back to Leeds tomorrow so I will be making something with Scan Bran as it does seem to boost my losses, as well as making sure I eat plenty of fruits and veg to help speed up my losses. I am determined to lose this 3.5lbs! (Fingers crossed!). Anyway, I'll upload the recipes I promised you in the last post now.

Hope you have a good week guys!

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